what we do

what we do


We build responsive websites on WordPress, the most popular content Management System in the World. Our websites respond to your visitors’ browsers, rendering perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

The themes that we offer are used by more than 6,200 business, so you can be confident of their effectiveness and resilience.

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As well as being gorgeous to look at, our websites are Search Engine Optimized to ensure the best performance in Google results.

We use Yoast’s plugin for SEO optimization. This plugin is used within over 11 million websites worldwide, so you can rest assured that it is as good as it gets.

All images are optimized, for quick performance and the whole site is cached – using W3C Total Cache, another world-beating plugin with 3.6 million users.


The nature of our websites allow the site owner to make any amendments to the site: additions, deletions and changes in a simple menu-driven option. Galleries can be uploaded and created in minutes.

Once we have set up a site we offer as much familiarisation as is required, to ensure that the owner is comfortable with making any changes.

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